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  • Developed an integrated “Stronger Providence” public and government relations campaign plan to inform key City constituencies about the seriousness of the fiscal crisis.
  • Developed fact sheets, Power Point presentations, and a Stronger Providence petition for residents to sign.
  • Launched a City-wide “Fiscal Honesty Tour,” where the Mayor personally addressed neighborhood groups, residents, and business organizations, laid out the reasons for the fiscal crisis, and answered questions from audience members.
  • Drafted and placed op-eds and letters to the editor in the Providence Journal, Providence Monthly, and other community papers supporting the Mayor’s honest assessment of and solutions to the fiscal crises.
  • Lobbied the Rhode Island General Assembly and Governor’s office to support the City’s legislative agenda, designed to give the City the tools needed to address the crisis.
  • Organized Providence neighborhood groups and citizens to attend committee hearings and a Stronger Providence State House Day to support the City’s legislative agenda.
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