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Table of Contents
ProJo: Charter-school lotteries a heartbreaking ritual
ProJo: And now, a few words from the mayor
ProJo: Education budget gets airing
ProJo: Regents approve ‘recovery’ high school
ProJo: Johnson & Wales bill advances in Senate
ProJo: Maeda’s contract extended
WPRI: Charter school lotteries begin in RI
Health and Wellness
ProJo: Bills offer new chance for dispensaries
Politics and Government
ProJo: Taveras to meet with city retirees
ProJo: City looks for ways to make information available
ProJo: Open meetings compliance high
ProJo: Cook Report downgrades Cicilline’s chances
PolitiFact: Whitehouse salutes R.I. Guard’s call to duty
WRNI Political Roundtable: The politics of receivership
RI Future: OP protests Pfizer, ALEC joining 7 N.E. Occupies
ProJo Editorial: ‘Recipe for disaster’
ProJo Letter to the Editor: And the students?
GoLocalProv: Who’s hot and who’s not in RI politics?


ProJo: Charter-school lotteries a heartbreaking ritual (A1)
By Linda Borg
PROVIDENCE — Rose Mary Grant, the head of Highlander Charter School, begins by apologizing to the families. She tells them that the odds are not in their favor: 1,380 students have applied for only 68 openings, many of them reserved for the siblings of existing students.

ProJo: And now, a few words from the mayor (A4)
By Maria Armental
Dressed for business, three-button dark suit with a red tie, Mayor Angel Taveras stood in front of about 40 preschoolers and their teachers Thursday at the Providence Public Library on Empire Street.

ProJo: Education budget gets airing (A6)
By Philip Marcelo
PROVIDENCE –– Governor Chafee’s proposed education budget was aired at a House Finance Committee hearing on Thursday, with concerns raised by committee members and advocates about plans to cut state funding for school breakfasts and non-public school textbooks, as well as a proposal to impose a new cell-phone surcharge to help fund Internet access in schools and libraries.

ProJo: Regents approve ‘recovery’ high school (A6)
By Jennifer D. Jordan
PROVIDENCE –– Rhode Island has one of the highest rates of substance abuse in the country for people ages12 and older. The state also ranks at the top for the number of people who need treatment but aren’t getting it, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

ProJo: Johnson & Wales bill advances in Senate (A6)
By Randal Edgar
PROVIDENCE — The Senate Corporations Committee voted unanimously Thursday to recommend passage of a bill that officially grants tax-exempt status to Johnson & Wales University.

ProJo: Maeda’s contract extended (A8)
By Gina Macris
PROVIDENCE — John Maeda, the internationally known digital artist, will remain president of the Rhode Island School of Design at least until 2015.

WPRI: Charter school lotteries begin in RI
By Darren Soens

Health and Wellness

ProJo: Bills offer new chance for dispensaries (A1)
By W. Zachary Malinowski
PROVIDENCE — Two bills have been introduced in the General Assembly that would allow the state’s three dormant medical marijuana dispensaries to reduce the size of their proposed operations and possibly open sometime later this year. 

Politics and Government

ProJo: Taveras to meet with city retirees (A4)
By Gregory Smith
PROVIDENCE — Municipal retirees, many of whom recently staved off Mayor Angel Taveras’ attempt to move them from city-paid health insurance to Medicare, are scheduled to meet en masse with the mayor regarding his proposal to suspend their annual cost-of-living increases.

ProJo: City looks for ways to make information available (A5)
By Gregory Smith
PROVIDENCE — Mayor Angel Taveras and the City Council are creating a commission to look into ways to make more information about municipal government accessible to the public through the municipal website.

ProJo: Open meetings compliance high (A6)
By Randal Edgar
PROVIDENCE — Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis gives the General Assembly high grades in a new report on compliance with the state’s Open Meetings Law.

ProJo: Cook Report downgrades Cicilline’s chances (A6)
By John E. Mulligan
WASHINGTON — More bad news for freshman Rep. David N. Cicilline: The independent Cook Political Report has downgraded his reelection prospects, saying perhaps no House Democrats have “spookier polling numbers” than the former mayor of Providence.

PolitiFact: Whitehouse salutes R.I. Guard’s call to duty (A7)
By Alex Kuffner
On Feb. 24 at Quonset State Airport, in a scene that has played out time and again over the last decade, members of the Rhode Island National Guard were given a sendoff before being deployed to active duty.

WRNI Political Roundtable: The politics of receivership
By Ian Donnis

ProJo Editorial: ‘Recipe for disaster’ (B6)
A state uses internal auditing to help determine whether taxpayer money is being spent as intended. Frequent professional auditing deters waste and fraud. Scaling back independent auditing would seem to be one of the less sensible ideas for saving taxpayers’ money.

ProJo Letter to the Editor: And the students? (B7)
By Mark Poirier
I didn’t even have to finish Leon Urban’s Feb. 20 letter (“Reject hype on charter schools”) to know I would see an editor’s note like the one printed: “The writer is a retired public-school science teacher.”

GoLocalProv: Who’s hot and who’s not in RI politics?
By Dan McGowan
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