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Table of Contents
ProJo: School woes don’t subtract from math whiz’s victory
ProJo: Closing the gender gap in math, science
ProJo: Options few for cash-strapped schools
ProJo: Gist pushes technology bond issues
Electric utility seeks 5.7% hike
Health and Wellness
PBN: New group wants input on health exchange
Politics and Government
ProJo: Letters seeking funds were forges, Hassenfeld says
ProJo: Chafee looks to empower communities
ProJo: Bills address access to public records
ProJo: Pelosi coming to aid Cicilline
ProJo: Pension recommendations aired
ProJo Editorial: Retirees and reality
ProJo Op-Ed: Learning from Massachusetts’s health-care experiment
ProJo Letter to the Editor: Mayoral academies a no-brainer for Chafee and General Assembly
GoLocalProv Op-Ed: Be fair to those who care
GoLocalProv: Who’s hot and who’s not in RI politics?


ProJo: School woes don’t subtract from math whiz’s victory (A1)
By Gina Macris
WOONSOCKET — In the city that’s running out of cash for its schools, a rising young math star has given Woonsocket High School reason to cheer.

ProJo: Closing the gender gap in math, science (A2)
By Linda Borg
SOUTH KINGSTOWN — What are the discoveries that transformed history in the 20th century? Most people say it was the moon landing but they would be wrong, according to Albert Kausch, a professor of biology at the University of Rhode Island, one of more than a dozen scientists trying to persuade young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math — STEM for short.

ProJo: Options few for cash-strapped schools (A4)
By John Hill
WOONSOCKET — After listening to alternately plaintive and angry pleas from speakers and the chants of the hundreds of teachers and parents who packed its meeting Wednesday night, the School Committee voted unanimously not to close its schools April 5, despite an impending cash shortage.

ProJo: Gist pushes technology bond issues (A7)
By Jennifer D. Jordan
PROVIDENCE –– Online learning is ramping up in Rhode Island schools and they aren’t ready, Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist told the House Finance Committee Wednesday.


Electric utility seeks 5.7% hike (A1)
By Paul Grimaldi
PROVIDENCE –– National Grid wants a 5.7-percent rate hike in April to cover rising transmission costs and the increasing expense of renewable-energy certificates — documentation that a certain amount of electricity was generated by renewable resources.

Health and Wellness

PBN: New group wants input on health exchange
By Richard Asinof
Politics and Government

ProJo: Letters seeking funds were forges, Hassenfeld says (A1)
By Katherine Gregg
PROVIDENCE — Philanthropist Alan Hassenfeld says the forgery of his signature on an annual report filed by the Institute of International Sport was not an isolated case.

ProJo: Chafee looks to empower communities (A1)
By Randal Edgar and Philip Marcelo
PAWTUCKET — With 10 mayors and managers at his side, Governor Chafee unveiled a package of bills Thursday that would rewrite the rules on local pensions, school budgets and labor agreements, giving “severely distressed” communities broad powers to cut costs while all cities and towns would benefit from new laws designed to trim local spending.

ProJo: Bills address access to public records (A5)
By Tracy Breton
PROVIDENCE — Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin has introduced legislation that if passed would strengthen the state’s Open Records Law, make records that are now presumptively private public, beef up fines for violations and would mandate training for all people with authority to grant or deny access to a record.

ProJo: Pelosi coming to aid Cicilline (A5)
By John E. Mulligan
WASHINGTON — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will give Rhode Island Democrats a couple of chances in the coming days to applaud one of their most endangered partisans in high office, appearing with Rep. David N. Cicilline Sunday night at a fundraiser in Portsmouth, and Monday morning at a policy forum in Providence on women’s issues.

ProJo: Pension recommendations aired (A8)
By Alisha A. Pina
PROVIDENCE — Suspending cost-of-living increases for retirees may produce bigger savings, but the city’s actuary recently calculated other benefit changes that could reduce Providence’s expenses by as much as a total of $13.9 million annually.


ProJo Editorial: Retirees and reality (B6)
Mayor Taveras, taking a page out of the book of Rhode Island Treasurer Gina Raimondo, displays courage in honestly discussing the nearly bankrupt condition of Providence with city retirees. Whether they will accept reality is the question.

ProJo Op-Ed: Learning from Massachusetts’s health-care experiment (B7)
By Jim Stergios and Joshua Archambault
BOSTON Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has taken considerable heat during the Republican primaries for the health-care legislation that passed while he was in office. Sadly, election-year politics have overshadowed the real lessons of the Massachusetts experiment.

ProJo Letter to the Editor: Mayoral academies a no-brainer for Chafee and General Assembly (B7)
Governor Chafee should take the hint from Rhode Island mayors rallying for more charter schools and join the bipartisan support for them from President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and House Speaker John Boehner, among others.

GoLocalProv Op-Ed: Be fair to those who care 
By Aaron Regunberg
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