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Table of Contents
Health and Wellness
ProJo: Study cites dangers of meth use in pregnancy
PBN: Five Questions With: Dr. G. Alan Kurose
PBN: Health care jobs changing, growing in Ocean State
PBN: Blue Cross reports ‘near break-even’ results for 2011
PBN: Tufts Health reports $87.6 profit for 2011
WRNI: Brown celebrates Match Day
Politics and Government
ProJo: An appeal to civic pride
ProJo: This time Chafee opts to go it alone
ProJo: Abortion bill requires fetus description
ProJo: Rep. Nancy Pelosi in R.I. for fundraiser, roundtable
ProJo: Sport institute lawyer Lynch co-hosted Fox fundraiser
ProJo: Mayor sees slow progress on municipal pension reform
GoLocalProv: PowerPlayer: Attorney General Peter Kilmartin
ProJo Editorial: Paul Jabour vs. the public
ProJo: See that ugly picture? Just another reason to buckle up
PBN Editorial: Health care delivery change is happening

Health and Wellness

ProJo: Study cites dangers of meth use in pregnancy (A2)
By Felice J. Freyer
The children of mothers who used methamphetamine while pregnant are at higher risk for behavioral problems at ages 3 and 5, according to a new study by a research team at Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital.

PBN: Five Questions With: Dr. G. Alan Kurose
By Richard Asinof
PBN: Blue Cross reports ‘near break-even’ results for 2011 
PROVIDENCE – After two years of operative losses, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island reported that it had reached “near break event” in its operating results for the year ending Dec. 31, 2011.
Article unavailable online

PBN: Tufts Health reports $87.6 profit for 2011
WATERTOWN, Mass. – Tufts Health Plan reported a net income of $87.6 million for the year ending Dec. 31, 2011. That figure includes both investment income of $32.7 million and operating income of $55.1 million, with total revenue of $2.9 billion.
Article unavailable online

WRNI: Brown celebrates Match Day
By Megan Hall
Politics and Government

ProJo: An appeal to civic pride (A1)
By Paul Edward Parker
CENTRAL FALLS — More than a dozen volunteers from Leadership Rhode Island fanned out over the main streets of the state’s smallest city Sun-day morning to encourage people to take part in a charter review commission, which will decide whether the city needs to change the structure of its government.

ProJo: This time Chafee opts to go it alone (A1)
By Randal Edgar
PROVIDENCE — As he embarked last week on a path of municipal pension reform, Governor Chafee acted without the aid or support of the person who might have been his biggest ally.

ProJo: Abortion bill requires fetus description (A1)
By Lynn Arditi
PROVIDENCE — Doctors who perform abortions would be required to first do an ultrasound, display the images, and describe them to the pregnant woman –– including the dimensions of the fetus and any “external members and internal organs if present and viewable,” according to a bill pending in the General Assembly.

ProJo: Rep. Nancy Pelosi in R.I. for fundraiser, roundtable (A2)
By Mark Reynolds
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi traveled to Portsmouth Sunday evening to join Rhode Island Democrats, including Rep. David N. Cicilline, at a fundraiser at the Carnegie Abbey Club

ProJo: Sport institute lawyer Lynch co-hosted Fox fundraiser (A3)
By Katherine Gregg, Philip Marcelo and Randal Edgar
Former state Democratic Party chairman William Lynch was one of the lawyer-lobbyists at the Adler Pollock & Sheehan law firm who hosted a $200 fundraising breakfast at the Hope Club for House Speaker Gordon D. Fox last Wednesday.

ProJo: Mayor sees slow progress on municipal pension reform (A5)
By Mark Reynolds
JOHNSTON — During the winter of 2011, town officials talked boldly about a new pension ordinance and a coming wave of retirement reform that would repair Johnston’s deeply troubled pension system.

GoLocalProv: PowerPlayer: Attorney General Peter Kilmartin
By Dan McGowan

ProJo Editorial: Paul Jabour vs. the public (B6)
With all the problems Rhode Island faces, in part because of the inordinate strength of special interests, it is disheartening to see some legislators working tirelessly to make matters even worse. But such is a scheme championed by Sen. Paul Jabour (D.-Providence) to wipe out a conflict-of-interest protection that dates back to 1939.

ProJo: See that ugly picture? Just another reason to buckle up (B7)
By Steven O’Donnell
In April, teams of Rhode Island State Police and local police officers will be posted at busy intersections throughout Rhode Island to monitor and enforce seat-belt laws. Vehicles containing occupants not using seat belts will be stopped and the operator will be fined $85 for each person not buckled up.

PBN Editorial: Health care delivery change is happening
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