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Table of Contents
Health and Wellness
ProJo: Questions raised on Landmark sale
Politics and Government
WRNI: “Tax the rich” proposals lack support
ProJo: Romney, Obama top R.I. primary
ProJo: Mayor offers tiered plan on COLA cuts
ProJo: Testimony divided on tuition for illegal immigrants
ProJo: Coalition presses for passage of bills
ProJo: Budget plan would keep tax rate steady
ProJo: Assembly Digest

Health and Wellness

ProJo: Questions raised on Landmark sale (A7)
By Felice J. Freyer
PROVIDENCE — A consultant to the Health Department raised questions about the financial health of Steward Health Care System, presenting a list of what he called “red flags” to an advisory group weighing Steward’s plan to buy Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket.

Politics and Government

WRNI: “Tax the rich” proposals lack support
By Ian Donnis
ProJo: Romney, Obama top R.I. primary (A1)
By Randal Edgar
PROVIDENCE — Mitt Romney did just what people expected Tuesday, routing his opponents and capturing the majority of his party’s vote in a Rhode Island primary victory that will add to his already commanding delegate count in the GOP presidential sweepstakes.

ProJo: Mayor offers tiered plan on COLA cuts (A1)
By Alisha A. Pina
PROVIDENCE — The mayor proposes leaving intact cost-of-living raises for any city retiree whose pension is less than $40,000, but eliminating such increases for those with pensions exceeding $80,000.

ProJo: House considers bill to hike taxes on wealthiest (A1)
By Philip Marcelo
PROVIDENCE –– Labor union leaders and liberal advocates –– including supporters of the Occupy Providence movement wearing green “Robin Hood” costumes –– turned out in large numbers at the State House on Tuesday for their annual pitch to avoid painful budget cuts by increasing income taxes on wealthy Rhode Islanders.

ProJo: Testimony divided on tuition for illegal immigrants (A5)
By Karen Lee Ziner
PROVIDENCE –– Legislation for and against a new policy of providing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants drew several dozen people to a House Finance Committee hearing at the State House Tuesday. Speakers on both sides urged that the two bills be brought to the floor.

ProJo: Coalition presses for passage of bills (A5)
By John Hill
PROVIDENCE — More than 200 people — supporters and beneficiaries of an alliance of state addiction-treatment providers — gathered in the State House rotunda Tuesday to press for passage of laws they said would make it easier for recovering addicts to re-establish themselves in society.

ProJo: Budget plan would keep tax rate steady (A6)
By Mark Reynolds
NORTH PROVIDENCE — The town can operate with no tax increase and $86.6 million in spending during the budget year that begins July 1, Mayor Charles A. Lombardi said Tuesday.

ProJo: Assembly Digest (A6)
By Philip Marcelo
House approves proposal for ‘historian laureate’ / Senate passes bill requiring banks to video night deposits
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