Our Services

Our Services

We protect and advance our clients’ interests by telling their story and ensuring that their voice is heard.

Lobbying isn’t what it used to be. That’s a good thing. It’s about more than access. At Advocacy Solutions, we combine deep public policy expertise with smart, sophisticated strategies aimed at reaching the right policymakers at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

We take the time to understand the issue at hand, combine years of experience navigating the halls of government with real-time analysis of the political, social, and economic dynamics of the day, and execute strategies that are successful for both short- and long-term success.

Policy tracking and analysis
Our team of experts closely monitors new legislation and policies at hand, and tracks and reports key developments. We work strategically to determine the most effective response to protect and advance our clients’ interests.

Direct Lobbying
We have years of experience helping our private and public sector clients navigate complex legislative issues at local and state levels. From key testimony delivery to lawmaker issue briefings, our tactical lobbying team effectively communicates our clients’ priorities, while maintaining key relationships.

Government Relations Counsel
We provide our local and national clients with strategic counsel reflective of the current and ever-changing legislative climate. We provide guidance on key policy positions, testimony and lobbying strategy, stakeholder and supporter engagement, and ways to utilize communication channels to support and frame policy discussions.

Advocacy and Organizing
Our team has managed dozens of statewide and national campaigns dedicated to supporting policy agendas. By understanding the key influencers and audiences to deliver our messages, we deploy strategic advocacy and grassroots strategies through volunteer organizing and coalition building efforts.

Our campaign management approach is focused on integration and coordination across sectors — identifying target audiences, tailoring messaging, recruiting the right mix of opinion leaders to add validation and messaging support, utilizing the most influential communication channels, and ultimately, making positive change.

Media Relations
We deploy the right messaging and outreach strategies to effectively tell our clients’ stories through key media outlets and influencers that matter to our target audiences, from national to local press. We actively manage or support clients’ media relations efforts, from developing press materials and media statements to press outreach and monitoring issues coverage.

Strategic Communication Counsel
Our campaign management and counsel is focused on identifying strategies and tactics that coordinate across sectors — identifying target audiences, tailoring messaging and approach, recruiting the right mix of partners and stakeholders, creating internal and external pressure, and ultimately, making positive change.

Crisis Management
We have a strong track record of providing effective, rapid-response crisis management services to a range of organizations, from national corporations to local non-profits. We recognize that each crisis situation is unique and work closely with our clients to create a customized plan for resolving their crisis situations. Our goals are always to mitigate damage to an organization’s reputation and business interests, eliminate harm to any stakeholders by responding quickly, truthfully and completely, and to build increased trust and goodwill.

Community Relations
By taking time to understand the key influencers, decision makers, vocal opponents, and proponents on a key issue, our team executes community relations strategies and tactics — from town hall meetings to community forums — that deeply engage key stakeholders in issues and events that matter.

Event Management
From national media tours and press conferences to statewide campaign launch events and groundbreakings, our team has planned and executed successful press, public, and advocacy events that support and advance our clients’ issues.

Media Training
We provide customized media trainings, both proactive and reactive, to ensure our clients feel comfortable and prepared for television, radio, print, or digital interviews discussing their organization and facts in a clear, concise, and effective manner.

Our work relies heavily on the development and delivery of powerful messages. We create content to be delivered through compelling platforms — from campaign literature to websites.

Social Media Management and Analytics
We manage and support the social media channels of various clients, from organic content to social ad development, ensuring audiences are being engaged in real-time through popular and influential platforms. Our social analytic reports provide clients with an understanding of their social influence, and help guide our overarching campaign strategy.

Collateral Material Development
We help our clients hone their messages to be effectively delivered and received by their audiences and influencers through collateral materials, from campaign brochures to fact sheets. Our materials are tightly coordinated and compliment our overarching strategic communications strategies.

Digital Content Development
We have produced compelling digital content for a broad array of clients, from website content to blog posts, breaking down complex issues to simple and compelling digital narratives that inspire and engage audiences to understand an issue and take action.