Public Affairs

The lines separating public relations, grassroots and grasstops advocacy, and community and government relations are—at best—blurred.  Proactive, productive issues management is about integration and coordination across sectors – identifying target audiences, tailoring messaging and approach, recruiting the right mix of partners and stakeholders, creating internal and external pressure, and ultimately, making positive change.

Our team of public affairs experts deploys the right mix of strategic communications planning and messaging, coalition building and management, community organizing, grassroots, grasstops, and e-advocacy, public opinion and market research, policy development, and political involvement to steer a successful public affairs campaign from start to finish.

Government Relations

Government relations and lobbying isn’t what it used to be. That’s a good thing.

It’s about more than access. At Advocacy Solutions, we combine deep public policy expertise with smart, sophisticated strategies aimed at reaching the right policymakers at the right time.  We take the time to understand the issue, combine years of experience navigating the halls of government with real-time analysis of the political, social, and economic dynamics of the day, proactively prepare our approach, and execute strategies that are successful – while building and maintaining key relationships.

By providing strategic government relations counsel, direct lobbying, legislative tracking and analysis, as well as grassroots and electronic advocacy, we help to protect and advance our clients’ interests.

Public and Community Relations

Today, information flows at warp speed through an ever-expanding number of channels. The challenge, in this age of unlimited bandwidth, is to deploy the right tools to communicate with the right people at the right time.

We create campaigns that identify and leverage the right mix of media for your message. Whether we’re pitching the mainstream press, creating a digital dialogue through blogs and social media platforms, or designing creative collateral materials, we deliver results.

Crisis Communications

When the goal is to keep your organization out of the media, we can help with that too.We have a strong track record of providing effective crisis communications strategies to a range of organizations, from national corporations to local non-profits. We recognize that each crisis situation is unique and work closely with our clients to create a customized plan for resolving their crisis situation. Our goals are always to mitigate damage to the organization’s reputation and business interests, eliminate harm to any stakeholders by responding quickly, truthfully and completely, and to build increased trust and goodwill.

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