Category: Case Studies

Bringing Full-Day Kindergarten Back to Woonsocket

Due to financial concerns, in 2011 the City of Woonsocket was forced to cut full-day kindergarten to a half-day program. Seeking to restore this critical early learning program, the leadership of the Woonsocket Education Department engaged Advocacy Solutions to communicate the educational benefits of full-day kindergarten and the program’s affordability due to changes in the state’s school funding formula.

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Helping to Transform Central Falls High School

In the wake of being declared persistently low performing, Central Falls High School adopted a transformation model to reform the school’s culture and improve student performance. Following adoption of the transformation model, the school received national media attention and generated strong public opinions after a decision to fire the entire teaching staff.

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Launching a City-Wide Tobacco-Free Providence Campaign

CLIENT: Mayor’s Substance Abuse Prevention Council ISSUE: With nearly one-in-four of Providence teens smoking cigarettes by the time of reaching their senior year in high school, the Mayo’s Substance Abuse Prevention Council (MSAPC) launched a city-wide public awareness and advocacy campaign to empower teens to say no to tobacco products and deceptive marketing efforts. CAMPAIGN: […]

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