Helping to Transform Central Falls High School

CASE STUDY: Helping to Transform Central Falls High School

CLIENT: Mass Insight Education – Central Falls High School

ISSUE: In the wake of being declared persistently low performing, Central Falls High School adopted a transformation model to reform the school’s culture and improve student performance. Following adoption of the transformation model, the school received national media attention and generated strong public opinions after a decision to fire the entire teaching staff. Facing doubts from parents and politically motivated attacks from reform opponents, the leadership of Central Falls High School needed to better communicate the goals and progress of the transformation plan.

CAMPAIGN: To help Central Falls High School better communicate transformation plan elements and progress to key constituencies, Advocacy Solutions has:

• Conducted media outreach to local and national media outlets to respond to misinformation that had been generating negative media cycles.

• Launched and managed the Central Falls High School Transformation website ( to keep parents, students, teachers, and the wider community informed of progress in implementing the transformation plan.

• Advised and provided communications strategy support to prepare school department staff for media inquiries, interviews, and meetings with political stakeholders.

• Wrote the copy for, designed, and distributed an internal newsletter and recruitment brochure showcasing improvements at the high school.

• Provided government relations support regarding legislative issues impacting the high school’s transformation plan and other reform efforts.

RESULTS: The Central Falls High School Transformation has received strong support from students, teachers, parents, community members, and key education stakeholders. Media coverage of the transformation has become far more balanced, and elected leaders have recognized the progress being made towards transformation goals.