Our Approach

Our Approach

We protect and advance our clients’ interests by telling their story and ensuring that their voice is heard.

At Advocacy Solutions, we recognize that every client is unique and every issue requires a customized approach. Our strength lies in our ability to apply the right set of capabilities and tactics to the issue at hand.

Our customized three-step approach ensures that we’re always focused on meeting our clients’ needs.

In our business, you can’t fake it. We take time to thoroughly understand of each client’s priorities and the issues we’ve been hired to address. This starts with listening, asking the right questions, and listening more. We then combine this information with our own research and analysis to create a complete profile of the issue at hand. Doing our homework up front allows us to communicate the right messages and achieve the desired results.

Strategy means thinking before doing. To develop effective strategy, we work to learn about the issue at hand, understand who has influence over it or is affected by it, and develop a plan to effectively communicate with stakeholder audiences, keeping in mind the current political, business, economic and social environments. We define strategies that assess the potential benefits and risks associated with every action or non-action and identify more than one opportunity for success.

Our campaigns are built on strategic communications and public affairs techniques and tactics pulled from traditional public relations, lobbying and organizing theory. We combine what works, across sectors, to deliver results.